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Your Healthcare is an employee-owned mutual and provider of community health, social care and infrastructure services in Kingston and beyond, UK.

Your Healthcare is a provider of community health, social care and infrastructure services in Kingston and beyond. It is an employee-owned mutual with an annual turnover of more than £35m and a workforce of around 800 staff.

The mutual is constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC) Limited by Shares and is committed to re-investing profits back into frontline care.

The organisation launched in 2010 as part of the Right to Request Transforming Community Services Policy. The move came from staff in the National Health Service (NHS) who saw the opportunity to establish a new organisation owned by its members that combined public service ethos with public service entrepreneurship and financial discipline.

The founders of Your Healthcare saw mutualism as a way to organise health and social care work differently. Instead of NHS hierarchy, employees became owners and service users are at the centre of everything.

Your Healthcare’s ownership model includes two classes of members: members who are employees of the company and who own a share in the company, and affiliated members who can be employees or community members.

As well as the Board of Directors, there is also an elected Membership Council, which is the voice of members and affiliated members. Two members of the Membership Council attend meetings of the Board of Directors in a non-voting capacity. All members have access to information, a voice in the company and the opportunity to be elected to a representative role in the company’s governance.

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