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There is much to be learnt from the international experience of care model innovation.

There is much to be learnt from the international experience of care model innovation.

Be Caring, a UK-based social care provider that offers a range of services, including traditional home care, dementia care, learning disabilities support and palliative care.

Be Caring is transforming the UK care sector by innovating new models of care that better support clients and employees, fostering open and honest communication among all stakeholders.

Crucially, Be Caring is an employee-owned organisation that prioritises giving employees a voice and supporting their ongoing professional development.

Be Caring has received several awards, including the Leadership Culture Award and Excellence in Homecare and Supported Living. Organisational priorities include a positive work culture, employee engagement, and colleague recognition, making it an attractive employer in the social care sector.

Shaw Healthcare is the UK’s largest employee-owned healthcare company. It prides itself on delivering high-quality care services to some of the community’s most vulnerable people. Its sense of “The Shaw family” fosters a strong culture of community and dedication among its staff.

Shaw Healthcare is also majority owned by its employees, having transitioned to employee ownership in May 2020. The company offers a wide range of services, including elderly residential and nursing care, home care, community care hubs, supported living, and specialist care for acquired brain injuries and mental health. Shaw Healthcare’s substantial experience and reputation in designing, building, and operating care services has earned it international recognition.

Both Be Caring and Shaw Healthcare have a demonstrated commitment to employee ownership and engagement, which is reflected in their business models and the quality of care they provide. They exemplify the high quality of care that can be delivered when employees have a sense of ownership in the operations of the business.

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