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BCCM courses

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) offers a range of courses and training programs to educate people on co-operatives and mutuals. These industry courses are designed to meet the education and training needs of co-operative and mutual teams from the frontline to the board table.

Do you have new employees unfamiliar with co-operative and mutual structures and their purpose? Or do you have directors and executives looking to deepen their knowledge of the sector? This is a 2-hour online program designed to provide a general introduction to the co-ops and mutual industry in Australia and globally.

This course is suitable for anyone new to co-operatives and mutuals and those looking for a refresher and information on the live sector. It can be tailored to your existing induction training program, or your employees can take one of our online classes throughout the year.

It is facilitated by well-known co-operative development expert Antony McMullen and includes live interaction and a guest speaker.

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This industry-specific masterclass gives the BCCM community access to world-class innovation thinking delivered by global facilitators providing practical and immediately usable approaches. This masterclass is perfect for teams, emerging leaders and executives looking to build innovation and resilience in their organisation.

This four, half-day online masterclass is delivered by University of Geneva and UTS Professor Emmanuel Josserand and Strategyzer global innovation advisor Fred Etiemble.

Course outcomes:

  • Innovate and pivot existing business models to avoid disruption
  • Build your innovation strategy and portfolio
  • Design a sustainable innovative eco-system, with the right processes, governance, culture and mindset

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This online and face-to-face internationally accredited training program assists co-ops and mutuals to develop effective sustainability strategies responding to compliance pressures, consumer and market demands and to the net zero imperative.

The BCCM’s accredited sustainability training program for co-operatives and mutuals was developed by sustainability strategist and educator Peter Watts. This course will help co-operative and mutual leaders to understand key sustainability issues and equip them to lead their organisation in developing a strategy (or improving an existing one).

  • Do you understand the opportunities from the low-carbon transition?
  • Are you ‘E ready’ in your ESG framework? Do you have a strategy in place, does your existing one need an overhaul or are you starting from scratch?
  • Do you feel equipped to discuss environmental/sustainability issues with your internal and external stakeholders? For example, senior team, employees, members, etc.
  • Do you feel you understand different accreditations, ESG frameworks and reporting standards?

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Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program (CMSDP) is offered through AIM WA UWA Business School Executive Education. This three-day program has been designed by Winthrop Professor Tim Mazzarol following extensive research into the needs of co-operative and mutual organisations.

This face to face program (Perth) is fully comprehensive and allows for a deep dive into the individual issues and opportunities that face participants and their organisations.

The program will focus on the sustainability, performance, and resilience of co-operative and mutual organisations.

The program is recommended for current or aspiring; board members, CEOs and their direct reports, and senior leaders who have, or will have, a strategic role in their business.

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Are you working on a community-led care solution where you live?

Explore the potential of co-operative and mutual structures to enhance diversity and choice in health, community and social services.
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